Where INC stands for INClusive and INCubator!


The NEK GiGs INC seeks to stabilize, monetize, incentivize, and advertise seasonal, temporary and part time gigs and side hustles, in an exchange available to all, low tech/no tech included.


The first goal is to help people find gig jobs with which to survive month to month while going through the uncertain times that cause them to seek Gigs in the first place.

A second goal is to help people deal with day-to-day tasks so they can stay independent in their homes.


A third goal is to assist those beyond the entry level where social services end, break through the glass ceiling into their next stage of growth.


In addition to developing a pool of Gigsters and ongoing list of hidden work opportunities, NEK GiGs INC supports a peer-advisory self-employment development team - because at the heart of every serial Gigster is a frustrated and potentially flourishing entrepreneur.


The generosity of the The Work Commons in Newport allows NEK GiGs INC a professional ambiance where ideas and action can thrive. 


T: Coming soon We Hope

E: NEKGigs@gmail.com

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